Deadline for filing tax returns for Qatari companies Aug 31, non-Qatari companies June 30


Doha: The General Tax Authority has asked all companies to file their tax returns for the year 2020, before the end of the extension period granted to them according to company type. The authority extended the deadline for filing returns for non-Qatari companies (companies with foreign partner’s share) to June 30, 2021, as for Qatari companies the deadline for filing tax returns has been extended to August 31, 2021.

This came in view of the exceptional circumstances that the country is going through due to COVID-19 pandemic and in an effort by the authority to enhance the principle of tax compliance and reduce burdens on taxpayers. Earlier, the authority had announced the beginning of the implementation of ‘simplified tax return form’, which must be filed by companies and permanent establishments that were exempted from tax, owned by Qatari citizens and those from GCC residing in Qatar, and whose capital is less than QR 1 million, and its annual revenues are less than QR 5 million. It is mandatory for all companies.

In the same context, the authority pointed out the need for Qatari Medium and small companies and home-based projects owned by Qatari citizens and GCC citizens residing in Qatar to file a Simplified tax return through Dhareeba portal. The authority eased the procedures for filing tax returns for these companies through the system by accessing the simplified tax return feature, which a taxpayer can submit his Simplified tax return himself, attaching revenues with attached bank statement, lease value with attached lease contract, salaries value with attached detailed bank statement, other expenses such as electricity and water bills and other supporting documents.

All the companies submitting “simplified tax return” are not subject to income tax. All companies which are not liable to pay tax are required to file a ‘simplified tax return’. The authority asked the companies to adhere to the deadline for filing tax returns to avoid financial penalties, following Article No. 24 of the Income Tax Law.

For further inquiries and technical support, taxpayers can contact the General Tax Authority on 16565 or via e-mail: