Taxpayer Charter

Qatar’s tax system is a community asset and we all have a role to play in its care and maintenance for a sustainable future. Members of the community play their part by fulfilling their responsibilities under the applicable laws and legislations. As administrators, our role is to build the community confidence in the system that encourage all taxpayers to comply with the legislations.  We aspire to give a service that is fair, accurate and based on mutual trust and respect.  The Tax Charter is aimed for everyone who has dealings with us on tax matters,

  • It provides a clear framework for how GTA staff are expected to act and to deliver services for taxpayers;
  • It sets out what taxpayers can expect from GTA as well as the obligations they are expected to fulfil.

Taxpayers Rights: What Do Expect From Us

1- Respect you and treat you fairly

Our engagement is to

  • treat you with courtesy, consideration and respect.
  • act in an impartial, professional and fair manner.
  • operate under the assumption that you’re telling us the truth regarding your real tax situation, unless there is evidence to the contrary.

2- Provide helpful and efficient service

We assure you to

  • do all that we reasonably can to help you understand and meet your
  • provide you with updated information in clear and plain language.
  • offer you a quality services and use your feedback to continuously improve our services.
  • listen to your concerns patiently and answer your questions clearly.
  • resolve your concerns, problems or complaints in a timely manner.

3- Respect your privacy and confidentiality

We pledge to

  • only ask you for information that we need to perform our duties.
  • inform you in advance in case of audit or spot visits except otherwise provided by the Law
  • protect your information and only use it for purposes the law allows. Your information will only be shared or released when permitted by law.
  • impose sanctions on tax officials who misuse your confidential information.

4- Behave with integrity and professionalism

We recognize that you should pay no more tax than the tax legally due. We commit to

  • apply the legislation with balance, judgement, common sense and without bias.
  • not discriminate against or favour anyone.
  • always act with due care and diligence; we will not abuse our powers.
  • respect your choice to exercise your legal rights of objection and appeal once we have made a decision.

5- Be firm with those who bend or break the rules

We recognise that people sometimes make mistakes when trying to meet their obligations. We commit to

  • differentiate between mistakes and deliberate actions.
  • identify those who try to avoid their obligations to the detriment of the rest of the community which we all form part of.
  • perform audits and investigations, charge financial sanctions in case you do not meet your tax obligations and other penalties where appropriate according to the Law.
  • issue a tax assessment in case you filed an incorrect return.
  • issue a presumptive tax assessment in case you failed to file your tax return, based on the Authority’s judgement in light of the circumstances, facts and information available.
  • explain to you the reasons, facts, information, and evidences upon which the tax assessment was based on and defining the articles of the Law that were violated

6- Recognize your right of objection and appeal

We acknowledge your right of objection and appeal, and for that we seek to:

  • explain your rights to object and appeal in accordance with existing legislation in full transparency and clarity
  • review your case impartially and without delay
  • request further information from you, if necessary
  • explain to you the reasons, facts, information, and evidences upon which the Authority’s decision was made to approve or reject the objection or appeal.

7- Recognize your right to be represented by someone else

We recognize and respect your right to be represented by any person of your choice on taxation matters and dealings with us. You are required to

  • provide written authorization for any person who acts on your behalf or to discuss your tax affairs with us.
  • keep us informed of any changes.

You are still responsible for the accuracy of information given us and timeliness of submissions, even if someone else, including a tax representative, helps you to prepare and submit tax returns or other tax documents.

Taxpayer obligation: What We Expect From You

1- Be honest and respectful 

You are expected to provide correct information on your tax returns, activity statements and other documents on time. Providing the full facts and circumstances when you seek advice would be in your benefit. Answering our questions completely, accurately and honestly is imperative to get the assistance you seek from us.  We ask that you treat us with the same courtesy, consideration and respect we are expected to give you.

2- Know your responsibilities 

You are expected to know your compliance requirements under the law. Make sure to know how to register to the tax system, file your tax return, pay your tax and claim refund payments on time. We want you to get in touch with us as soon as possible if you need help. If you are having trouble meeting your obligations, you should disclose it right away. If you do not meet your tax obligations the legislation provides for the imposition of penalties.

You are responsible for your affairs even if someone else, including a tax representative, helps you.

3- Take reasonable care & act in a timely manner

You are expected to take reasonable care to avoid mistakes when providing complete and accurate information on documents you are required to provide to meet your tax obligations. Sending us tax returns and forms in the required format within the prescribed time frames, paying the full amount of your taxes by the due dates, and withholding and remitting by due dates all taxes withheld or collected on behalf of others are your key responsibilities.

4- Keep accurate records in the proper format in accordance with the law

You are expected to prepare and keep sufficient and updated records, and to issue tax invoices as required by law. Good record keeping will allow you to prepare accurate tax returns and activity statements and getting back your tax refund while enabling you to be ready in the case of an audit.

5- Be cooperative

We want to work with you in a collaborative manner, providing you with guidance to meet your obligations voluntarily. You are expected to work with us and comply with requests for further information and give us all the relevant facts. You are required to inform us of any errors, omissions or mistakes that have been made in your tax return, form or any information you provided. If you are uncooperative or obstructive, we may need to take firmer action.